Am I Healed Now?

D researching honey, I found that the substance with others, a current fixation on healing emerged. Having already used Manuka honey medicinally for years, I found others were also eager to depict honey like liquid gold. As many know, the substance is a common home-remedy for: face washing, treating acne, moisturizing chapped lips, adding to a bath; and also medicinally: treating insect bites, using as an antibiotic on minor wounds, soothing a sore throat, and combating insomnia.

And what if I only eat honey—
am I healed now?

In this overwhelmingly positive response to the only eternal food, I went on a 50 hour honey-fast as a wholly immersive experiment and symbolic gesture to break patterns and initiate a deeper self-reprogramming. This was dually a genuine effort and also an intentionally humorous one—as if to say, “And what if I only eat honey—am I healed now?”


Looking at the modern obsession with optimization and betterment, I hope to invite people to reexamine their healing efforts and consider if the method matters less and what matters more is allowing something to bring us back to ourselves to do the real work of healing.


Live Performance

Curame / heal me / genees mij / heile mich / soigne moi / hela mig / meggyógyít / ———

10min. improvised performance by Ash Witham and Grace Cuddy.

Sound mix of the interns and artists in residence saying “honey” and “heal me” in their native tongues for a total of 8 different languages. Atop the hum of buzzing bees, the voices are overlayed to create a buzzing soundscape of their own.